Jailbreak iOS 16.5

Here you can find latest information related to iOS 16-iOS 16.5 jailbreak including latest online and PC jailbreak tools, release dates, new features, iOS 16.5 jailbreak solutions, Unv0ver, chimera, checkra1n, chayote jailbreak, and taurine jailbreak. Tool compatibility, as well as how to get Cydia for iOS 16.5 online.

Apple released the first betas of the first iOS 16.5 and iPadOS 16.5 updates to public beta testers today, enabling non-developers to test the software before its final release. The public beta comes two days after Apple released the developer beta.

How to jailbreak iOS 16.5?

iOS 16.5 jailbreak
iOS 16.5 jailbreak

Is there an online jailbreak for iOS 16.5? There is currently no jailbreak for iOS 16.5 because the jailbreak tools have not been updated to support it. This means that you cannot install package managers like Cydia, Selio or Zibra on your smartphone because you cannot jailbreak it. However, iOS 16 and later solutions will give you that jailbreaking flavor.

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Fugu jailbreak for iOS 16.5

Unfortunately, Fugu jailbreak tools have not yet been available for iOS 16.5 However, Fugu14 is hard at work on iOS 16.45so stay tuned!

How to get Fugu jailbreak online?

The Fugu lite online tool is available for jailbreaking iOS 15 to iOS 16.3 devices. Tap the icon below to download xina online for free.

iOS 16.5 jailbreak tools and solutions

The following jailbreak tools are the most popular jailbreak tools for iOS 16 based on user ratings.

The most famous jailbreak tools and solutions are,

iOS 16.5 latest features

These are the new features that iOS 16.5 beta 1 beta users may experience right now.

Apple News now has a Sports section.

The Apple News app debuted in 2015, and the first iOS 16.5 beta introduces a Sports tab for the first time. When you launch the programme, look for the tab in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen. The toolbar formerly contained tabs for Today, News Plus, Audio, Following, and Search. The Search tab is removed in iOS 16.5 beta 1 to make place for the Sports tab.

Request that Siri begin a screen recording.

You may ask Siri to start a screen recording for you in iOS 16.5 beta 1. Prior to this beta, you had to manually add the screen recording feature to your Control Center and then turn it on. You may now ask Siri. Since you won’t have to cut out the beginning and conclusion of your films when you switch the recording on and off, this might save you time.

There is no news on when iOS 16.5 will be available to the public. There’s also no assurance that these beta features will be published with iOS 16.5, or that they’ll be the only ones.

For additional information, see what’s new in iOS 16.4 for your iPhone and how to become an Apple beta tester so you can try out new iOS features before others.

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