How to install Serotonin Jailbreak?

Serotonin is a non-jailbreak/semi-jailbreak solution for iOS 16 to 16.6.1. Hrtowii is the main developer of this tool. It uses the KFD exploit from RootHide and Bootstrap to intelligently call SpringBoard’s posix_spawnp’s launch hooks. Following that, it launches its springboard via Springboardhook, allowing various enhancements, tweaks and ellekit to be loaded. How to Download Serotonin … Read more

Fugu Version 0.4

Fugu Version 0.4 released (End-users can test it, but read the precaitions first) This release adds persistence, i.e. your changes to the root file system will be preserved across reboots.(You still need to run Fugu every time you reboot to enable the Jailbreak) FUGU 15 Initial version Released =>> Contains a code-signing bypass, kernel exploit, … Read more